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The Truth About Your Metabolic Health with Dr. William Li, NYT Bestselling Author of Eat To Beat Your Diet

Join Corinna Bellizzi as she hosts her second in-depth conversation with internationally renowned angiogenesis researcher, physician, and New York Times bestselling author, Dr. William Li. Together, they will deepen your understanding of fats as they relate to metabolism, and reveal what you can do to speed your metabolism back up to its natural levels. Dr. Li shares cutting edge research, revealing that there are only 4 phases of metabolism throughout your life — and shares tips that will help you rediscover the metabolism of your youth, no matter the age you are today.

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About the Host

“I’m a nerd, a mom, and a lover of the natural world.”

Corinna is a natural products industry executive who has earned a reputation for leading the development and growth of responsible brands. Her latest undertaking is  a truly sustainable, regenerative and carbon-neutral brand: Orlo Nutrition.

She launched her first podcast, Care More Be Better in February 2021 to amplify the efforts of inspired individuals and conscious companies. Through this effort she aims to prove that one person with one idea can have a HUGE impact.

Corinna holds a BA with honors in the major of Anthropology from University of California, Santa Cruz and an MBA from Santa Clara University, where she graduated at the top of her class with a triple focus in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Marketing.

She lives in Santa Cruz County, CA with her husband, two young boys and a bunch of rescued animals including a dog, a bearded dragon, a frog, and 3 guinea pigs.

"Corinna's style is warm and personable, and she is not only knowledgeable but she really does care. It was a true pleasure being a guest on her podcast!"

-By Anca Novacovici on Oct. 20, 2021 via Apple Podcasts

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