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The SAG Strike, Creator Turmoil, And How AI Has Changed Our World [Revisiting Our Interview With Mo Gawdat, author of Scary Smart]

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Our Present AI Reality & The Impact on Creatives

Get a brief update about how our modern media and entertainment has been impacted by AI, and some of the worst-case issues that are presently playing out. 

Can We Save Our World With AI?

As we evolve our understanding of artificial intelligence, we may be able to provide more creative solutions to global warming and social problems than we have yet imagined, but how will it affect our lives in the future? How might we each take part in saving our world with the help of AI? 

Humans Vs. Machines

Artificial intelligence has taken over various spaces, including the entertainment industry — chaos ensues as AI-generated scripts and content dominate the market. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) declared a strike, fighting the threat of AI replacing human creativity and storytelling.

As tensions between humans and machines rise, this episode sheds light on the importance of maintaining our responsibility to infuse moral purpose into the creations that shape our future.

AI can enhance, but never replace, the unique talents and imagination of humans.

Discussion points: 

00:00 Introduction: Update on AI, SAG Strike, Creator Turmoil, Other AI News

09:40 Solve For Happy – Bestselling Book and One Billion Happy Not-For-Profit

16:00 Rebirth From Grief

21:20 Slow Down – The Purpose Behind “Slo Mo” Podcast (Is The Carrot Worth It?)

28:38 Artificial Intelligence – Preparing For A Future Led By Machines That Are Smarter Thank Humans

39:18 Defining Singulartity As It Relates to AI

43:19 Consequences of Our Behavior

48:20 Ethics + Punishment of AI

52:00 Sentience In AI

54:00 The Importance of Shared Values With AI: Happiness, Compassion, Love

56:20 The Donald Trump Tweet Example – How AI Learns From Our Actions / Inactions

01:00:20 How Can We Create A “Good” Artificial Intelligence That Supports Utopia

01:07:20 Believe In Utopia

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The SAG Strike, Creator Turmoil, And How AI Has Changed Our World [Revisiting Our Interview With Mo Gawdat, author of Scary Smart]

Hello fellow do-gooders and friends, I’m your host, Corinna Bellizzi. Today I’m bringing you through a portal – my way-back machine – to talk about the future – and how AI will change absolutely everything. The interview I’ll share – after an update I’m providing right now — was conducted back in September 2021 when I had the chance to interview someone who is SCARY SMART about everything artificial intelligence.

You see Mo Gawdat was the Chief Business Officer of Google X, responsible for vetting all sorts of new technologies – including many that had AI at their core. What he shared in this 2021 interview will give you chills. But before we dive into that episode (or atleast part of it, since I’m editing it down a bit), I want to talk to you about the AI impacts we’re seeing today.

In the last year, there has been a massive disruption in the field of journalism and entertainment. We’ve gone beyond typical layoffs when industries recalibrate to something more catastrophic. Almost all media contributors are now freelancers. Almost all of these freelancers are working to hustle HARD using affiliate links and thinly veiled product pitches within their editorial to make a little cash. Why? Because if they didn’t? They’d be broke. This means that there’s no real editorial anymore – or very little of it anyway. We are being sold something or some service almost constantly. Everyone has their hand out – and we – are the ones who pay, not the media empires any longer.

Our creator economy has gone into overdrive. And at the same time that’s happening, AI is taking over many of the functionalities that had been filled by creatives in entertainment. I’m talking about everything from podcasting to script writing and acting. It’s no wonder that the Screen Actors Guild has joined the Writers Guild in an all out strike as a direct result of this changing world. You see… Big Hollywood had been attempting to assume the rights of a single actor’s personage after paying them only once to act in a commercial or film – which could later be adapted using AI for other purposes. I’m sure many of you watch Netflix. And many of you have seen Black Mirror. I’m telling you – the stories in Black Mirror are starting to seem like they could erupt into reality any day now. We are living in a world where it feels like we’ve moved from the planned obsolescence of the latest iPhone to the planned obsolescence of creators.

If you are on TikTok, you may have even seen a recent filter that mimics creators and that creators allow to impersonate them for hours. They may earn 1/10 a cent for each heart or like or something like that (because TikTok pays their top creators), but it’s happening because 1. The AI filter has made it easy, 2. It’s creepy and grabs people’s attention and 3. I find this to be scary as hell.

So our lives are already being impacted by AI in ways I didn’t really think possible back when I interviewed Mo Gawdat 2 years ago. But today? Chat GPT4 is making real waves in the professional world. AI tools for art and photography have made our jobs easier, and also have shown us that our creativity can be mimicked, and even improved upon. Now, will AI be able to figure out comedy next? What’s coming?

So… Some episodes age really well, and this one is no exception. While I’ve grown as an interviewer since then – hearing from Mo Gawdat, the ex-Chief Business Officer of Google X and New York Times bestselling of Scary Smart: The Future of Artificial Intelligence and How You Can Save Our World.

Thank you.

Link to the complete interview with Mo Gawdat:

Watch the original interview (unabridged) on YouTube!


  • Corinna Bellizzi

    Corinna is a natural products industry executive who has earned a reputation for leading the development and growth of responsible brands (e.g. Nordic Naturals, iwi, NutriGold). In her professional life, she champions social benefit programs to enhance company impact while preserving and protecting our home planet. She’s presently working tirelessly on the development of a new pre-market that seeks to achieve a carbon-negative impact. In January 2021 she launched her show, Care More, Be Better: A Social Impact + Sustainability Podcast to amplify the efforts of inspired individuals and conscious companies. Through Care More Be Better, she shares their stories in an effort to show us all that one person with one idea can have a big impact. As part of her lifelong education journey, she earned her MBA from Santa Clara University, graduating at the top of her class with a triple focus in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Marketing in June 2021.

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  • Mo Gawdat

    Bestselling Author, Podcast Host of Slo Mo Mo Gawdat is the former Chief Business Officer at Google X; international bestselling author of Solve for Happy; host of the hit podcast, Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat; and author of Scary Smart: The Future of Artificial Intelligence and How You Can Save Our World, releasing September 30, 2021.

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