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Care More About Independent Podcasts: Introducing Podtease

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Podtease is a show that’s laser focused on presenting the best independent podcasts from all genres – so you can discover your next favorite shows. We share the best of the best with a brief intro that shares why we love the show so very much, followed by the featured show’s episode which plays out from beginning to end.

Discover a new love of podcasts as Corinna and Jules, fellow podcasters and the leaders behind The Mediacasters community and podcast deliver quality shows directly to your feed each week.

Subscribe, rate, and review wherever you listen to podcasts, and connect with us in social spaces @podtease and @themediacasters.

To have your show considered for our next Podtease, visit and join our community as step 1! Send us a message there and we’ll share step 2!

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  • Corinna Bellizzi

    Corinna is a natural products industry executive who has earned a reputation for leading the development and growth of responsible brands (e.g. Nordic Naturals, iwi, NutriGold). In her professional life, she champions social benefit programs to enhance company impact while preserving and protecting our home planet. She’s presently working tirelessly on the development of a new pre-market that seeks to achieve a carbon-negative impact. In January 2021 she launched her show, Care More, Be Better: A Social Impact + Sustainability Podcast to amplify the efforts of inspired individuals and conscious companies. Through Care More Be Better, she shares their stories in an effort to show us all that one person with one idea can have a big impact. As part of her lifelong education journey, she earned her MBA from Santa Clara University, graduating at the top of her class with a triple focus in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Marketing in June 2021.

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  • Julie Lokun

    JD, Career Coach, Publisher, Keynote Speaker and Podcaster Julie Lokun is an inspirational leader and team-builder who offers services as a career and relationship coach. She has received national recognition as a keynote speaker, publishes best-selling books, and she's even a lawyer. She is also a fellow podcaster who co-hosts Obsessed With Humans On The Verge of Change.

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