What Sociology Has To Do With Climate Change

Now more than ever, climate action is necessary to protect our planet and secure the future of the next generations. The global conception of climate change has evolved throughout the years, from being defined in strictly environmental terms like the increase in greenhouse gas emissions to its current framing as an issue of human rights and social justice. This has led to discussions of how climate change issues intensify existing inequalities across lines of gender, race, ethnicity, and social class. Thus, pushing for effective climate action contributes to a fairer and more resilient world.

How Low-Cost Education is Helping African Communities

As the youth population of Africa continues to rise, there is a greater need to address the growing educational gap across the continent. Despite the increase in higher education enrolments in North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, UNESCO points out that primary and secondary education is still largely inaccessible to the population. This is caused by the rapid […]

5 Marketing Trends In 2022

CMBB 46 | Climate Optimism

Get my tips and see the list of preferred tools I use every day to build brand awareness! by Julie Lokun Truth be told I love the creative art of marketing. I love getting into the minds of potential consumers and attempt to predict their behaviors. I adore creating contextual experiences through visual and auditory […]

Flashback – Getting Started Podcasting (written in January 2021)

As I think about building content for this podcast, I find myself thinking back on all the moments in my life that I took up the mantle of advocacy for those that could not help themselves. Of all the times that I personally voted with my dollars — and the times that I knowingly didn’t […]

Protect Those That Cannot Protect Themsleves.

When asked what propelled me into activism, I only need think of my childhood. I would adopt the lonely kitten with crusty eyes, or the dog that shied to the back corner of their kennel. I was inspired to help those that couldn’t help themselves, to give them their best chance at living a happy, […]

How A Doughnut Can Change The World

Written ByMasami Sato Photo by Thomas Kelley, on Unsplash. Yes, a doughnut can change the world. And it’s not whether or not indulging in doughnuts can make us live longer (or shorter). It’s the shape of the doughnut that’s changing the world. That shape has led to a branch of economics called Doughnut Economics. And […]

10 Tips For The Eco-Conscious Traveler

Written ByRiva Bacquet, COO, SA Expeditions Photo Courtesy of Riva Bacquet and SA Expeditions. We’ve compiled a handy list of powerful tips that any traveler – yes, even you! – can follow to reduce your environmental impact as you embark on your next big adventure. Download this entire article in a printable document, courtesy of […]

Plastic Beaches: A Cleanup Challenge

Have you heard about the “Trash Bag Challenge” or “Clean Up Challenge”? People all over the globe have begun posting before-and-after pictures of their efforts to clean up littered beaches, trails, and open spaces while using the hashtag #trashbagchallenge or #cleanupchallenge. This week, in honor of the upcoming International Coastal Cleanup Day, September 18, 2021, […]