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How To Navigate Difficult Conversations with AI: Introducing Omi Chandiramani’s Good Talk App

Omi Charindramani picutred with the episode art: How To Navigate Difficult Conversations

In this episode of Care More Be Better, host Corinna Bellizzi interviews Omi Chandiramani, a technologist and the creator of the Good Talk app, which helps users navigate challenging conversations through role-playing with an AI chatbot. Omi shares his journey in developing the app, the importance of effective communication, and the potential of AI in enhancing conversation skills. They also discuss privacy concerns, AI’s limitations, and the future of AI in various fields like education and therapy.

Man vs. Bear: On Surviving Sexual Assault and Trauma | Corinna Bellizzi & Tim Mousseau

In this poignant and insightful episode of Care More, Be Better, host Corinna Bellizzi shares her personal story of survival for the first time. She then shares an interview with Tim Mousseau, a survivor of sexual violence turned speaker and advocate. They explore the complexities of sexual violence, harassment, and the essential steps needed to create safer environments in both personal and professional settings. Tim shares his powerful story, offering guidance on how to support survivors, set boundaries, and foster empathetic curiosity to cultivate safer, more inclusive cultures.

How Low-Cost Education is Helping African Communities

As the youth population of Africa continues to rise, there is a greater need to address the growing educational gap across the continent. Despite the increase in higher education enrolments in North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, UNESCO points out that primary and secondary education is still largely inaccessible to the population. This is caused by the rapid […]

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