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Lessons On Coming To Life With Monique Wellise

Care More Be Better | Monique Wellise | Coming To Life

Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   What does it take to live a fulfilling and meaningful life? We hear valuable lessons from Monique Wellise, author of the book Finding Mo: A Handbook For Coming To Life. She talks about spending time in nature, immersing into meditative practices, raising her consciousness, […]

Why Small-Scale Climate Solutions Won’t Work | Dr. Robert Eberhart (Stanford PhD)

Care More Be Better | Dr. Robert Eberhart | Climate Solutions

Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   Due to the sheer scale of the climate crisis, many efforts dedicated to environmental preservation seem all for naught. Small-scale climate solutions, even though established with good intentions, cannot simply catch up with today’s rapid ecological decline. Let us hear from Dr. Robert Eberhart, […]

Embracing Herbal Medicine With Jane Barlow Christensen

Care More Be Better | Jane Barlow Christensen | Herbal Medicine

Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   There are so many plants in the wild and cultivated spaces that can support our health and wellness. That’s why we should learn to depend more on herbal medicine instead of swiftly seeking medical treatment in times of sickness and disease. In this episode, […]

Overcoming Climate Anxiety Through Collaboration With Laird Christensen

Care More Be Better | Laird Christensen | Climate Anxiety

Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   As the climate crisis continues to worsen, it seems our personal efforts to mitigate its adverse effects are all for naught. This causes everyone to feel climate anxiety, with so many pushed to not even care at all. Laird Christensen, PhD is here to […]

Compassion And Climate Change With Dr. Sebastienne Grant

Care More Be Better | Climate Change | Dr. Sebastienne Grant

Watch the episode here Listen to the podcast here Despite countless efforts to preserve the environment, many still feel hopeless about addressing the adverse impact of climate change. As members of this society, what can we do to secure a better future? In this episode, Corinna Bellizzi sits down with distinguished psychologist Dr. Sebastienne Grant […]

Shifting To Whole Foods Plant Based Diet With Dr. Maria Jose Hummel

Care More Be Better | Dr. Maria Jose Hummel | Whole Foods Plant Based

Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   What and how we eat does not only impact our health but our environment as well. Corinna Bellizzi sits down with nutritionist and health educator Dr. Maria Jose Hummel to talk about the benefits of adopting a mostly whole foods plant based diet. Dr. […]

Rehumanizing Higher Education With Emily Alicia Affolter, PhD

Care More Be Better | Dr. Emily Alicia Affolter | Higher Education

Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   The education system is designed to shape knowledgeable, responsible, and well-rounded individuals. However, higher education is currently suffering from various problems that unfortunately lead to discrimination, stereotyping, and unfair culture. Corinna Bellizzi chats with Dr. Emily Alicia Affolter, who is on a mission to […]

Taking A Stand Against Fascism With George Drost

Care More Be Better | George Drost | Fascism

Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   The rise of extremists, neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and other hate groups is becoming extremely alarming. As fascism continues to loom over modern society, humanity’s hope for a peaceful future is at serious risk. George Drost takes a non-traditional approach in taking a stand against […]

How To Navigate Difficult Conversations with AI: Introducing Omi Chandiramani’s Good Talk App

Omi Charindramani picutred with the episode art: How To Navigate Difficult Conversations

In this episode of Care More Be Better, host Corinna Bellizzi interviews Omi Chandiramani, a technologist and the creator of the Good Talk app, which helps users navigate challenging conversations through role-playing with an AI chatbot. Omi shares his journey in developing the app, the importance of effective communication, and the potential of AI in enhancing conversation skills. They also discuss privacy concerns, AI’s limitations, and the future of AI in various fields like education and therapy.

Man vs. Bear: On Surviving Sexual Assault and Trauma | Corinna Bellizzi & Tim Mousseau

In this poignant and insightful episode of Care More, Be Better, host Corinna Bellizzi shares her personal story of survival for the first time. She then shares an interview with Tim Mousseau, a survivor of sexual violence turned speaker and advocate. They explore the complexities of sexual violence, harassment, and the essential steps needed to create safer environments in both personal and professional settings. Tim shares his powerful story, offering guidance on how to support survivors, set boundaries, and foster empathetic curiosity to cultivate safer, more inclusive cultures.

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