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How To Properly Vet Charities To Support With Michael Thatcher

CMBB Michael Thatcher | Charities

Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   Numerous charities pop up left and right whenever a crisis arises. Although these not-for-profit organizations raise money for good causes, some only gather financial donations to feed their selfish interests. As a donor, how can you separate legitimate charities from fake ones? Michael Thatcher […]

The Orangutan Project With Leif Cocks

CMBB 145 | Orangutans

Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   Because of the rampant deforestation of rainforests, many animals find themselves struggling to find new habitats and food sources. Among those that call such forests home are orangutans. Small population biologist Leit Cocks dedicates himself to the study of these great apes, with the […]

Address Plastic Pollution One Boxed Water At A Time With Robert Koenen

CMBB 143 | Plastic Pollution

Watch the episode here Listen to the podcast here Every plastic bottle you throw away will certainly go somewhere, but only a handful of them are actually recycled and reused. Plastic pollution is a serious problem most people ignore in exchange for the convenience it offers. That’s why a huge number of them unsurprisingly end […]

Exploring Immigrant Issues Through Fiction With Orlando Ortega-Medina

CMBB 142 | Immigrant Issues

Watch the episode here Listen to the podcast here   In these last few years, immigrant issues have been a huge topic of discussion in the United States. People fleeing from war-torn countries, immigrants facing discrimination, and banning certain nationalities from entering the country have sparked endless debate. Author Orlando Ortega-Medina wanted to shed light […]

Creating A Spark In Climate Activism Through Music With Donna Grantis

Donna Grantis standing in a field surrounded by smoke with her guitar. The caption reads: Create A Spark With Music To Ignite Change

Watch the episode here Listen to the podcast here Last September 2022, Corinna Bellizzi interviewed Tzeporah Berman, Founder of Her inspiring words from that episode were used by Donna Grantis in her moving musical presentation centered on climate activism, A Drop in the Bucket. Donna is here to talk about using her music in […]

Building A Sustainable World By Dismantling Fast Furniture With Michael Barlow

CMBB 140 | Fast Furniture

Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   In today’s world of rapid movement, fast furniture is a real problem in almost every home. When people change addresses, they often discard a huge chunk of their furniture, only to buy new ones upon arriving at their next place. This only leads to […]

The Impact Of Dams On The Health Of Our Entire Ecosystems With Steven Hawley

CMBB 139 | Impact Of Dams

Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   The world has made it so easy to overlook our natural resources in exchange for revenue. Take a look at dams as an example. According to statistics, we have buried a landmass equal to the size of the state of California in reservoirs behind […]

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