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Flashback – Getting Started Podcasting (written in January 2021)


As I think about building content for this podcast, I find myself thinking back on all the moments in my life that I took up the mantle of advocacy for those that could not help themselves. Of all the times that I personally voted with my dollars — and the times that I knowingly didn’t because I lacked the resources to pay a little more for that responsibly made jacket, or those cotton socks that were most definitely not made from regeneratively farmed cotton (heck, not even organic — but they were cute). These are the types of decisions we all make every day. We vote with our dollars when we get a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, and accept a disposable cup and a plastic lid. Now, COVID-19 has forced that reality back on the greenest of us, since coffee shops aren’t touching your travel mug, nor are they giving you a ceramic cup to “dine in”.

But we have to have faith that these uncomfortable changes are temporary. There will be a day when we don’t have to worry about using disposable, single-use products like the N-95 masks some of us wear to protect us from the potential of rampant deadly contagions. We will get back to a more “normal” time when we are able to once again say no to all of the disposable items that have reached insane levels of production in these harrowing times.

And there are so very many ways all of us can make a difference each day. Many charities are struggling, just as small businesses are, to keep their impact UP. The fundraisers many have become accustomed to have gone virtual with mixed results. The events many charities rely on to spread their message have been canceled, from trade shows to film festivals to their lobbying efforts on capitol hill. This is part-and-parcel to my decision to get this podcast running this coming March (if not sooner). It’s one small way I can help tell the story of the heroes we all need to look up to if we want to see real change.

As I dig into what is happening in entrepreneurship, not-for-profit, cause-marketing and politics, I am having one profound realization after another. The reality is this. There are so very many stories to be told. Stories of inspired individuals, conscious companies, and the people, animals, and environments that have been positively impacted by their work.

This passion project has me waking up early, thinking late into the night, and hoping beyond hope that you will find value in this work. That you’ll love this podcast and help spread the good within us. I’m excited for my audio equipment to arrive, and to just get started.

One foot in front of the other. One day at a time. Let’s do this!

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