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Minisode: Introducing Paul Hawken + Regeneration

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In this brief intro, you’ll hear the start of Corinna’s conversation with Paul as they get acquainted, talking about the open space preserve behind Corinna’s house — and its tie to regenerative agriculture. They discuss the “Regime Change” of our climate’s shifting nature — and land quickly on the topic of global warming. 

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Corinna Bellizzi

Paul Hawkin wrote the incredible book regeneration ending the climate crisis in one generation. As we got acquainted, I went ahead and told him a little bit about the open space preserve behind my house, which automatically led to a discussion about fires in California and global warming. Now Paul has five best-selling New York times books under his belt already.

And my confidence is complete that this one will enter that ranks. Get a little taste of what my conversation with Paul is like and stay tuned for next week’s episode. It will air on the 15th of September. Thank you, listeners. Enjoy. I know I’m right by Chaparral. So it’s like when I take a hike around my neighborhood on one side, um, I hit redwoods of the hill and on the other side,


Corinna Bellizzi

all just Oak trees and a grazing pasture.

It’s an open space preserve for the preservation of a specific grass. That’s unique to. And a beetle that hunts by sight. And so they have to have rudiments on the property. Um, and they rotate them from several different pastures. It used to be an old milk farm on all dairy farm, I guess. And so it’s not quite a fully regenerative purpose, but they are very careful about, um, how long they leave the cows in any one section.

And it’s quite a lot of property it’s only about, I don’t know, 15 cows. So the interesting thing is my one of my nanny. Their ex-husband owns the cows. And so they’re completely grass fed and finished and it’s quality meat. You know, if you want to buy half a cow, you can,

Paul Hawken

it’s pretty much a janitor. I mean, if there’s, if there’s a good rotation, if they’re not just, you know, Ty, you know, chewing down the grass to the, to the nub, you know, I mean, if they’re moving around.

Yeah, it’s totally regenerative.

Corinna Bellizzi

Yeah. They used to have horses there. When I first came here, there were 13 horses on the property and I’m, I’m a horse fanatic. So I was like, that’s it. I need to buy this house. Right. But, um, they, they weren’t able to keep the horses well enough because they’re more discriminate as, um, grazers.

They don’t eat as many different types of grass. And so they weren’t getting sufficient nutrition and they were having to supplement them too much. So they shifted it. Yeah. The one thing that isn’t, they do a firebreak, which I’m appreciative of. And so that gets, uh, essentially it’s not quite plowed, but it’s raked over.

Um, just about, uh, I don’t know, eight foot spread before the fence, all along and our property, we walk right down. We can like open a gate and be in the open space, preserve hiking.

Paul Hawken

Well, I tell my friends in Europe because they read about the fires and I said, basically we used to be France, and now we’re going to be Spain.

It’s a, it’s a regime change. It’s not like we’re going to go back, you know?

Corinna Bellizzi

Um, isn’t that the truth? Yeah.

Paul Hawken

Yeah. I mean, I love both countries. I’ve been in both and, you know, I prefer France or the old California, but, um, I mean we’re fifth generation, so my grandchildren are seventh generation. So I have a lot of memory, you know, both ancestral and, you know, personal memory of places and farms and you know, all that sort of stuff, but

Corinna Bellizzi

in France or here.

Paul Hawken

Yeah. Here. Yeah. I mean, actually I’m French, but I mean here because my great, great grandfather came in 1849, you know? So, um, yeah, I mean, but it’s when you look at it from that point, I mean the regime change. It’s a rigid change, ecological regime, you know, and that’s it. And nothing’s going to stop it, you know, nothing.

Yeah. And it is this, you know, this is the hottest summer in recorded history and Northern hemisphere. Okay. The way to look at it, this is the coldest summer you’ll ever experienced for the rest of you.

Corinna Bellizzi

Thanks for listening to this snippet from my conversation with Paul Hawkin, I hope you enjoyed it and think about this.

If this is the coolest summer that you will ever experience for the rest of your life, how do you feel about that? What might we do to change that? What types of. Little things. Can you do in your daily life to support the global cooling of our planet? I’ve entered a guest. There’s more that you can do than you’ve even thought of.

And this new book by Paul Hawkin will help you see that too. I look forward to connecting with you again in coming weeks and sharing more from this book, regeneration ending the climate crisis and one generation. I’ll be sure to link this in show notes and I encourage you to connect and pre-order. It’s well worth it.


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