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Prioritizing Experience Over Materialism This Holiday Season with Stephanie Seferian, Sustainable Minimalist

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As we approach the gift-giving frenzy that can be the holiday season, we revisit the topic of Sustainable Minimalism with an episode from earlier this year, when we featured Stephanie Seferian, a bestselling author, podcaster and blogger who is best known for her book and podcast, Sustainable Minimalism. We think her book would make a great holiday gift for anyone who could use a little help decluttering their life, giving their lives that Marie Kondo treatment BUT with an eco-minded twist. 

And secondly — we love her approach to holiday shopping, and EVERYONE can benefit from hearing her perspective. She focuses on experience over materialism in a way that is both healthy and inspirational. We’ve given the episode a refresh, removing the longer intro so we get right into the episode.

About Stephanie Seferian

Stephanie is the best-selling author of Sustainable Minimalism and host of the top-rated podcast by the same name. After blogging about her personal journey toward a simpler, more eco-friendly lifestyle, she was inspired to help others create intentional lives centered around both simplicity and sustainability. She uses her platform to demystify the tenets of eco-minimalism with kids including eco-friendly decluttering, conscious consumerism, and low-waste living. Stephanie is an avid runner, an aspiring plant-based chef, and a lover of historical fiction. She lives outside of Boston with her two daughters, yellow Labrador Retriever, 10,000-ish bees, and husband who loves to compost almost as much as she does.

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Show Notes:

02:15 The power of incrementalism

05:50 The truth about recycling

14:00 Assumptions of thrifting

25:20 Prioritizing experience over materialism with gift-giving, especially during the holidays — limiting gifts to: “a want, a need, a read, a share, and an experience” (5 gifts in total)

29:18 The cost savings of sustainable minimalism

31:45 Coconut oil as a replacement for several household items (example)

34:45 DIY when you’re ready to level up your eco-minimalist lifestyle (yes, you can make your own dry shampoo and it’s easy)

39:06 Closing thoughts and how to connect with Stephanie Seferian

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