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Slow The Spread With UVC Light, featuring Grant Morgan, Founder & CEO of R-Zero

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In this interview with Grant Morgan, we learn how the technology of UVC Light has the power to stop COVID-19 in its tracks, which is especially critical as we head indoors and gather for the holiday season. They dig into how the company was founded, and cover topics including Grant’s literal “lightbulb moment”, the reality of UVC as a greener option to disinfect than harsh chemicals like bleach, the true cost of sick days, and why taking risks is the ONLY thing that makes sense when lives are on the line. The social impact of his work, and that of R-Zero cannot be understated. This is the biosafety solution for the modern era. Here are the highlights:

💡 A Literal Lightbulb Moment – A hospital can afford to spend $125,000 on UVC disinfection tech. Your local mom-and-pop diner? Not so much. So, when Grant realized he could literally build a better light bulb — and do it at a fraction of the cost — he knew he had something huge. He’ll recount the improbable journey of how he reverse-engineered hospital-grade hardware and brought UVC biosafety technology to the masses.

🌎 Can Disinfection Truly Go Green? – Heavy use of chemical disinfectants is hazardous to our health, deadly to wildlife, and harmful to the planet. Is there a healthier, greener way to keep our shared spaces safe? Grant thinks so — he’ll explore how innovative tech could slash greenhouse gas emissions and divert millions of tons of waste from landfills, all while making our public spaces healthier than ever before.

💸 The True Cost of Sick Days – Workplace illness costs U.S. employers an estimated $530B every year — greater than the revenue of Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, eBay, and Adobe combined. Why has the invisible hand of the market failed to respond to this overwhelming incentive? Grant will discuss the root causes of our collective failure to safeguard public health and share how we can smartly implement technology to save both money and lives.

🦠 Taking Risks When Time Is of the Essence

Grant Morgan, Founder & CEO of R-Zero:
While most of us were busy hoarding toilet paper, Grant was working on a plan to change the world. As co-founder and CEO of R-Zero, he’s democratizing access to hospital-grade biosafety tech to protect public health in the COVID-19 era and beyond. It’s the most important startup you’ve never heard of — but with partnerships with over 600 school campuses, the Dr. Phil Show, and the US Olympic Team, it’s not likely to stay that way for long.

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