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Dr. Sandra Carter | Weird, Wonderful Mushrooms: Their Role In Regeneration & Health

Care More Be Better | Sandra Carter | Wonderful Mushrooms

Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here    The Mushroom Kingdom is vastly similar to the Animal Kingdom, making a lot of their compounds connected and related in many different ways. Dr. Sandra Carter has dedicated herself to fully understanding how mushrooms can restore ecosystems and help humans achieve a much healthier lifestyle. She joins […]

Diving, Discovery, and Ocean Preservation with Jean-Michel Cousteau

CMBB 162 | Scuba Diving

Watch the episode here Listen to the podcast here The ocean may seem like a far-flung place from home, but its destruction directly impacts our daily lives. One man is using scuba diving to increase awareness about this matter, inviting people to take part in an exciting activity to save our water planet. Corinna Bellizzi […]

The True Price Of Saving The Planet With Paula DiPerna

CMBB Paula Diperna | Saving The Planet

Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   Saving the planet is indeed an overwhelming undertaking. The world is a priceless place, but perhaps the best way to save it is to put a price on it. Corinna Bellizzi sits down with Paula DiPerna, a leader in the forefront of finance and […]

The Orangutan Project With Leif Cocks

CMBB 145 | Orangutans

Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   Because of the rampant deforestation of rainforests, many animals find themselves struggling to find new habitats and food sources. Among those that call such forests home are orangutans. Small population biologist Leit Cocks dedicates himself to the study of these great apes, with the […]

Opening the Path for Cross-Sector Collaboration in Climate-Focused Projects

Across the world, there are various projects and initiatives that are focused on climate action. However, considering the growing urgency of climate change, the world isn’t keeping up fast enough. Research suggests we aren’t on track to achieve the UN’s Agenda 2030 — the organization’s chosen approach to engaging stakeholders in achieving sustainable development. The UN’s 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) promoted principle-based approaches where multiple sectors from public, private, and knowledge institutions are expected to work together to achieve common medium-term targets.

How Animal Sanctuaries Can Survive Severe Weather And Flooding With Helbard Alkhassadeh

CMBB 123 | Animal Sanctuaries

Watch the episode here Listen to the podcast here Agricultural farms and animal sanctuaries are the most devastated by the severe weather and flooding in California these past few weeks. To learn what people are doing to survive such harsh conditions, Corinna Bellizzi sits down with the Co-Founder of Little Hill Sanctuary, a non-profit organization […]

What Sociology Has To Do With Climate Change

Now more than ever, climate action is necessary to protect our planet and secure the future of the next generations. The global conception of climate change has evolved throughout the years, from being defined in strictly environmental terms like the increase in greenhouse gas emissions to its current framing as an issue of human rights and social justice. This has led to discussions of how climate change issues intensify existing inequalities across lines of gender, race, ethnicity, and social class. Thus, pushing for effective climate action contributes to a fairer and more resilient world.

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