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How One Film Aims To Put An End To Sex Trafficking With Melody C. Miller

CMBB 155 | Sex Trafficking

  Watch the episode here Listen to the podcast here Trigger Warning: Sex Trafficking Sex trafficking is one of the most serious crimes in the world right now. But with so much obscurity surrounding it, no one pays that much attention to solving it. Melody C. Miller puts this topic into the spotlight by making […]

Supporting Reforestation Efforts With Just A Few Cents With Hank Dearden

CMBB 111 | Reforestation Efforts

Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   As forests all over the world are continuously drained of their precious resources, a huge amount of money is certainly required to rebuild them. But every once in a while, noble reforestation efforts arise that does not call for a huge amount of cash. […]

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