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How Permaculture And Regeneration Can Lead To A Better World With Starhawk

CMBB 165 | Permaculture

Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   Permaculture is a unique agriculture approach that mimics natural patterns to meet human needs while keeping the environment on a healthy regenerative cycle. Corinna Bellizzi sits down with author and activist Starhawk who shares how this particular farming technique can save the world from […]

Exploring Immigrant Issues Through Fiction With Orlando Ortega-Medina

CMBB 142 | Immigrant Issues

Watch the episode here Listen to the podcast here   In these last few years, immigrant issues have been a huge topic of discussion in the United States. People fleeing from war-torn countries, immigrants facing discrimination, and banning certain nationalities from entering the country have sparked endless debate. Author Orlando Ortega-Medina wanted to shed light […]

Jens Molbak On Building A Better World Through Tri-Sector Innovation

Watch the podcast here Listen to the podcast here   The world’s leading problems today will take more than just government efforts to be eliminated. Jens Molbak believes that efficient solutions can be crafted through tri-sector innovation. Joining Corinna Bellizzi, the Founder of NewImpact explains how bringing the private, social, and public sectors together can […]

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