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The Unique Impact Of ‘Griselda’ With Aurora Cossio

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The Netflix drama series ‘Griselda’ explores the highly interesting but deeply controversial life of Griselda Blanco, the mind behind one of the most profitable cartels the world has ever known. Corinna Bellizzi sits down with Colombian-Italian actress and producer Aurora Cossio, who plays the character Estella in the series. She shares what it is like to act alongside Sofia Vergara, who plays the titular character, as well as how ‘Griselda’ revolutionizes Hollywood’s perception of Latino talent and culture. Aurora also discusses her advocacy to help people gain self-confidence, unlock a positive mindset, and improve their lifestyle using her background in psychology and her inspiring Instagram account.


About Aurora Cossio

Care More Be Better | Aurora Cossio | GriseldaVersatile and talented Colombian/Italian actress and producer, Aurora Cossio, takes center stage in the crime drama Netflix series “Griselda,” which debuted worldwide and is already #1 in multiple countries as it streams on Netflix. Cossio portrays Estela, a pivotal character opposite Sofia Vergara’s formidable crime boss, Griselda Blanco, in the series.  “Griselda,” adds to Cossio’s incredibly diverse body of work, including her comedic work early in her career in Italy; she also speaks three languages—English, Spanish and Italian and works consistently in multiple countries.

In Italy, Cossio’s comedic prowess gained immense popularity with the release of “Faccio un salto all’avana” in 2010. Notably, she not only took on the leading role but also served as the executive producer for the film. This comedy, which is now available on Netflix Italy, marked a turning point in her career as she was honored with the “Mirto d’oro” Award for the best leading role. Furthermore, her collaboration with esteemed directors and co-stars in Italy has been a testament to her versatility and talent.

Cossio has been a part of successful projects globally, including her role in the second season of ‘La Selecciòn’ and appearances in renowned series like “La Reina del Sur” and “Verdad Oculta.” Her recent portrayal of Stg Melissa Downs in the 2021 film “The Ritual Killer” alongside Morgan Freeman and Cole Hauser further attests to her international acclaim.

While Cossio currently resides in Santa Monica, California, she frequently shuttles between Italy and Colombia, maintaining a consistent presence in the industry. With her extensive training from premiere acting academies across the globe, Cossio continues to captivate audiences with her compelling performances and harbors a keen ambition to produce a film based on her life story, aptly titled “All for a Dream.”

Beyond her on-screen achievements, she has also ventured into psychology and founded the Good Morning Happiness brand, fostering a community built on laughter, love, and joy. As she embarks on her journey in the global entertainment industry, Aurora Cossio remains a force to be reckoned with, blending her multifaceted talents as an actress, producer, and advocate for happiness and community building.


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Show Notes:

00:00 – Introduction

03:33 – Good Morning Happiness

9:46 – Griselda

13:08 – Reshaping Latina Roles

21:48 – The Complexity Of Griselda’s Life

26:00 – From Comedy To Drama

30:53 – Dream Role

32:16 – Upcoming Project

34:21 – An Ideal Hollywood

43:14 – Closing Words


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The Unique Impact Of ‘Griselda’ With Aurora Cossio

In this episode, we’re going to dive into the wide world of entertainment and how it can raise awareness, improve our understanding of social issues, and elevate important voices to the main stage of mass media. I’m thrilled to introduce you to a versatile and talented Colombian-Italian actress and Producer, Aurora Cossio, who plays a supporting role in the top crime drama and Netflix series Griselda. It debuted worldwide and is already number one in multiple countries as it streams on Netflix. In this series, Cossio portrays Estela, a pivotal character opposite Sophia Vergara’s formidable crime boss, Griselda Blanco.

She speaks three languages, a polyglot, English, Spanish and Italian, and works consistently in multiple countries. Cossio has been a part of successful projects globally, including her role in the second season of La Selección and appearances in renowned series like La Reina del Sur and Verdad Oculta. Her portrayal of Sergeant Melissa Downs in the 2021 film The Ritual Killer alongside Morgan Freeman and Cole Hauser further attests to her international acclaim. While Cossio currently resides in Santa Monica, California, she frequently shuttles between Italy and Columbia, maintaining a consistent presence in the industry. Thank you so much for joining me, Aurora Cossio, and welcome to the show.

Thank you, Corinna. Thank you so much for having me. You have an Italian last name.

I’m actually French and Sicilian and I learned French but not Italian.

Italian is easy to learn. Sicilian is not Italian.

It’s dialectic.

It’s awesome.

My great-grandfather used to say he only spoke English after arriving here in the United States, but he said things like papakin for napkin, among other things. He was from Sicily. Of course, it was much different back in the 1920s when he arrived. Now, you have such an incredible backstory and as I was looking at your background, I discovered that you have a background in psychology and even have an Instagram page called Good Morning Happiness. I wanted to start there and get to understand what motivated you to start this page and what you hope it’ll bring to the world.

I am an actress. I am a storyteller. I consider myself an artist, but I have other views, as anyone else, of other gifts and talents to share with the world. For me, it was more about connecting with my life purpose. Of course, acting is one dream I have always wanted since I was a little girl. I understood that I had a purpose in my life and it was to connect with people, to share my knowledge and to be able to spread love and joy. That’s how Good Morning Happiness was born.

It was born because I also have a degree in Psychology. Good Morning Happiness is a program. It is my brand. Good Morning Happiness by Aurora Cossio. I am designing this brand with my team with the objective to give people who are struggling with mental issues, with any emotional and physical pain, the understanding that you can train your brain. You can also use it as a helper laughter therapy so you can improve your lifestyle.

I have a medical condition called POTS. When I was struggling with the symptoms and believing and thinking that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish my dreams as an artist. I understood that all the resources are inside us and there are no limits. There are no limits at all. Not even the sky is the limit. When I was dealing with the symptoms, I was in a position where when you are dealing and struggling with physical pain or anything that is affecting your well-being, you cannot see the whole vision. You cannot see the blue sky because everything is dark or gray in your life.

I decided to turn on the TV on those specific sitcoms and those projects that involved laughter. Doing it daily, like every day, as a routine, I understood that something was changing inside me. All the hormones that I was activating was affecting my well-being, my life in a positive way. I decided to add to my routine other exercises and work and I studied neuroplasticity of the brain.

My father is a neurosurgeon so my father is part of my project. That’s how I understood that we all have superpowers and that all these cartoons and animations for entertaining are not limited to kids. We have superpowers that we need to activate inside us. The brain is a huge resource because we don’t know how it works and the chemistry of the brain works. We don’t understand how powerful we can be and actually, we can do whatever we want. I’m not kidding when I’m saying that.

[bctt tweet=”We don’t know how the brain actually works. We don’t understand how powerful it can be and how it allows us to do whatever we want.” via=”no”]

I came to this country knowing no one, to be honest. I am accomplishing one dream that so many other actors from so many other countries, including natives from here, that don’t understand. Of course, I have a journey. It is not like I moved yesterday. It’s been years. I’m trying to say that I had a vision in my mind, and I learned how to put exactly what I wanted to reach on the big screen of my mind.

Good Morning Happiness is a program with steps where I’m giving so much training and knowledge and educating people who are struggling right now with a medical condition or illness. It’s open. It’s a huge community, not limited for a specific population. It is open to everybody who wants to find joy in the process and improve the quality of life.

It’s a noble cause, and I think that your father, and probably you as well, would enjoy my interview with George Paxinos. He’s a neuroscientist of Greek origin who lives and works in Australia. He’s identified more areas of the brain than anybody else on the planet. He’s also the most cited scientist that exists. It’s pretty incredible. He wrote a book with his vision of wanting to have a greater impact in the world of environmentalism. He felt like he failed at that and so he wrote a novel that he wanted to come on the show and talk about

What is the name of the book?

The book is his first and only novel. He said he has written it for more than two decades. It’s called A River Divided.

I thought you said another name and I was like, “I don’t know that one.” Yes, I know it’s a huge novel. It’s very important for every one of us who actually are researching this important, powerful brain.

He is an incredible individual. At any rate, I very much have enjoyed getting to know the Griselda series. After your team reached out, I’d dabbled in 1 or 2 episodes. I think I’d watched one and a half episodes before they reached out. I’m like, “I know that show. I need to go watch the whole thing and discover more about Aurora.” You play a supporting role and you’re alongside Griselda. I would love for you to tell the story of what it was like to be a part of this cast, bringing to life such colorful stories that are historically significant, tragic, beautiful and powerful. It’s an incredible series. I’d love you to talk about what it was like to be a part of it.

I felt like I was at home because 90% of the cast are Colombian. I felt that. I felt that everybody was very particular about being together and eating Colombian food and stuff. It was very nice. As we said before, it was an amazing experience because you are attracting. I was asking and putting in that in my mind, “Something international. A project that could give me that sense of exposure.”

Correct me if I’m saying it wrong. As you said, I speak three language languages and work in Italy in diverse projects, leading roles and many different kinds of TV and movies. For me, it was in the United States, the idea was that this is an important platform and the fact that I was able to speak in Spanish since I don’t have a lot of work speaking in Spanish because most of my career took place in Italy.

My experience about working with Sophia and such an amazing cast, the director is amazing and the producer, everyone, the showrunners, the writers were very committed to making this a big deal. As it turns out, it is a big deal because, after 3 to 4 weeks, it’s still number one in the world. I believe we accomplished something by putting all that energy, enthusiasm and joy, and that’s how Griselda was, which is based on a true story.

I know previously so many other producers. I believe also Catherine Zeta-Jones also portrayed Griselda in another project. This project is special because Sofia is Colombian and Griselda was Colombian. This is Sofia’s first dramatic role, and the director is also Colombian. He did such an amazing work humanizing the characters. That was the key. Everybody was part of this project. I feel very happy about it.

Care More Be Better | Aurora Cossio | Griselda
Griselda (on Netflix): This project is special because Sofia Vergara is Colombian, and this is her first dramatic role. The director is also Colombian, and he did amazing work humanizing the characters in this story.


There have been so few strong leading roles for Latina women, especially those that are bilingual and get that attention that I feel this is pushing change in the industry as a whole. It’s always hard for films that have quite a bit of subtitle to succeed in the marketplace here in the United States. That has proven to be an exception for what you could almost refer to as a series going back to Narcos and its success on Netflix and now Griselda.

Narcos and that series put some actors on the map. Pedro Pascal has memes about him now, but there are so many specific individuals who’ve risen from those ranks and into other meaningful projects, many of whom are Spanish speakers too and who are integrating more of this language into mass media because this is the power of these streaming platforms like Netflix.

You see the attention. It’s like that gripping story that keeps people wanting more, they get past that second episode and they’re hooked. They want to stay up until 3:00 in the morning and finish the series. That was my shoes. I was like, “What’s happening next?” I think that’s the power of these kinds of stories.

The thing that struck me, too, was that while I was aware of a female who had been in this particular type of role, I didn’t have any memory of a Griselda Blanco. I remember stories that I’d heard about that, and I think there was even an integration of a powerful character like her that found its way into Breaking Bad, if I recall correctly. I think there’s been echoes of her history that have come forward. How do you think it’s different now? What’s the power of this particular story and do you think it will change Hollywood?

I do. This is amazing. The fact that I’m part of a project 100% of the time, we are speaking in Spanish, and it’s been so successful in the United States, but it’s changing. We are gaining a little bit more value, maybe. When you don’t feel recognized or when people say, “I see you,” I see you means it’s so important to connect in so many other levels. Love doesn’t have one language. It is important that we can communicate and tell stories that are in the original language. That is changing everything.

[bctt tweet=”Love doesn’t have just one language. We can communicate and tell stories in our own languages, and that changes everything.” via=”no”]

One particular thing that I like is the fact that I’ve been here for years. Every time I hear, “You have an accent and so you are not right for this part,” or casting directors, agents, managers and the whole industry may reject you and not consider you because you have an accent. Maybe Sophia is also changing and have changed everything. Salma Hayek has an accent, but there are a few ones.

I don’t know how else to put it, but it’s like they’re the big star. There’s only so many that there’s space for and it gets this feeling like, “You have to be the best of the best of the best elite.” That still makes it feel impossible. It’s like, “I’ll never be this.” You could envision it all day long and hope, plan and build towards that, but run into so many stumbling blocks that you get discouraged and give up.

That’s what happens to so many people. They get discouraged and they give up on the arts. They get discouraged and rejected so often they get told they’re not right that they go, “I guess I’m going to go find a day job.” There’s that stick-to-it-tiveness that some people like yourself are able to grab hold of, but it can be so taxing for anybody to deal with that level of rejection. Sometimes even hearing back, “They didn’t like the way you looked.” It’s like, “What about the way I looked?” “They didn’t like the way you spoke. They didn’t like your accent. You’re not right for it.”

That goes deep and that’s why I train myself very hard and I keep training myself the day that I don’t apply my exercises, working on my self-confidence by affirmation and specific exercises that I’m implementing, that I’m designing in the program. If I don’t do that, it’s not impossible to keep working in the industry. For me, it’s not impossible even to live in this life, in this world. If you are not strong in your mind, it’s so easy to get lost, to get into addiction, any kind of addiction. We are not talking about drug addiction specifically. There are so many ways to get sick and compromise your mental health. For me, working in this program is showing myself love and commitment to my dreams and those goals that are very clear in my mind.

While doing the program, I was in that moment where there were so many rejections. It’s not because of how you look. Now, you have to add more aspects or things to keep in mind. Your accent, the training, so many things that you get nuts and crazy. As you said before, so many friends left and came back to their countries or completely changed their careers because it was too much to handle. It is so important to be strong here so you are able to accomplish those goals.

My little sister lived in Santa Monica for several years while she was pursuing her desire. She was a hairstylist and worked with an elite hairstylist, going to Paris to do fashion shows and stuff like that. She was involved with a lot of media types and actors and actresses. The pressure started to get to her too. She started to feel like she had to look a certain way, act a certain way, have certain clothes and look the part. I think if you’re somebody from the outside looking in, it’s easy to criticize all of that.

When you’re living it every day and hearing things that perhaps you weren’t supposed to be told. Your agent wasn’t supposed to tell you exactly what they said as they were rejecting you partially to protect you, but sometimes, somebody’s filter’s not good. They tell you exactly what was said, and then suddenly, now you’ve got this insecurity that can get right in front of you and raise its ugly head.

As an actor, part of your skillset is learning to be truly vulnerable and, in being vulnerable, get into the character and getting into the character to make it believable. It’s like you’re supposed to keep yourself guarded at the same time that you’re supposed to be able to dive into a role and these are opposite desires.

It’s crazy. I got feedback because I was asking I want feedback anytime that I’m showing myself for roles. I’m with agents and stuff and I asked my manager to give me that information and she said, “They are saying this.” I say, “I felt the same. We are not a good fit because of this and this,” but I could handle it in another moment. It was so cruel.

A person asked me a second before, “Can you neutralize your accent?” I was like, “You don’t do that to an artist, to an actor. I am about to perform for you, and this is going to ruin my performance exactly at this moment.” As you mentioned, everything can pull you down if you are not very strong here. It’s very easy because we are human being and as an artist, specifically, you have that sensibility. It’s very particular and this business can be very cruel.

[bctt tweet=”If you are not strong, everything in show business can pull you down. Artists must have that sensibility to keep their cool.” via=”no”]

I understand as well, we’ve talked about the seriousness of Griselda, the impact on culture, the fact that we’re seeing more Spanish-speaking voices come forward and more authentic Latina actresses like yourselves be able to come to a stage that gets the attention that Griselda is getting, which I think is amazing. They could have cast much better-known actress like Salma Hayek or something like that in this role.

For me, the casting was genius. Every single person seemed to be perfectly selected, very believable, easy to get into the story, and easy to see that this would now open the door for more stories like this to be told. My only real fear about Griselda is that, because it’s the story of narcotics and crime, we’ll continue to hear those stories. I know there are so many more complex stories that we could work to tell and I hope that we see more humanizing stories from other Latin-speaking cultures, Spanish-speaking cultures in particular.

I’m not excusing what Estela and Griselda did. This is something that happened so many years ago for a particular curiosity. That is the main reason that this project became a reality. I heard that Jennifer Lopez wants to play also the same character, doing another one of her projects. I was asking why actresses want to play this specific character. Even though as storytellers, we are not telling something that can serve as inspiration.

It is very challenging for an actress to portray a character like her. It is very interesting and amazing because it’s full of so many colors and it’s a world where a woman did something. I’m not excusing anything again what she did, but it’s so incredible how Griselda Blanco or the real Griselda had such a difficult childhood. It was so hard and there was so much trauma in her world and in her body also. The way she became Griselda and the most important mafiosa and trafficker narc woman in the story in that moment is very interesting to share because she was a mother also.

In her world, in her mind, she was accusing what she was doing because she wanted to give her sons a better life, the life that she had never had. For me, putting her in a psychological profile, she’s more psychopathic. She has everything. It is very interesting and challenging for an actress. Of course, we don’t want to go and encourage people, the population, to go and do illegal stuff. Quite the opposite.

Good Morning Happiness for me is like a balance. I’m an actress and as a storyteller, I’m sharing a real story. Also, this is the human condition. There is light and there is the shadow. How can we put these worlds in the middle, balancing all these forces? It is very interesting to understand and to explain how the sun comes out and then the moon also at night. This is how our human condition works. All those emotions coming forward and the ego and that need of power to show and approve. Those are all the traumas and emotional pain that we have and we are carrying from our childhood.

It’s an incredibly complex role that she plays. As you stand, I know that you spend quite a bit of effort also with comedic roles and I wondered what the primary differences are for you preparing for something that is perhaps more dramatic versus preparing yourself to be in a comedy that you might produce or act in.

I was sending this audition for comedy. Even though people think comedy is easier than drama, it is not easy. It’s harder than drama. I can cry very easily if I want to. Comedy has so many layers. I’m a huge fan of the sitcom Friends. I was studying their characters separately, and I was very interested in the fact that it is very important to understand that every time you try to make someone laugh, the comedy goes. When you are experiencing that joy inside you and humor is part of your life, it’s easier to come out with the comedy.

It is also important to understand that comedy also comes from drama. If you separate yourself from that drama and put yourself in a position to observe with distance, you can see the most incredible dramatic moments that you can see in life. They are funny. If I have to work in comedy or drama, I take in consideration that I need to enjoy the process. Those emotions play different parts of me as an actress because sometimes you don’t have time. You have one day to prepare the audition and send it. It is very easy to grab them and put them there.

So much of comedy is timing. I think it’s challenging if you’re doing something like an audition tape without an audience to gauge if you’ve delivered the right timing. Speaking on the Friends issue, I read Matthew Perry’s autobiography, which talked a lot about the character of Chandler Bing, creating Chandler Bing and stepping into that role.

One of the things he did was emphasize the wrong syllable in the sentence or phrase, which became his trademark as the character. It also was consistently funny because it wasn’t what you would necessarily expect from someone reading off the script, so to speak. I think that we each bring our unique ideas to comedic roles, too. I’ve never been a comedian. I’m not great with delivery and timing and things like that.

I won’t ever claim to be an actress, at least not in my present life. I’ve known many who have gone through the rigors, either as comedians who have standup careers or who are actors, and everybody has their own way of getting into a character and how deep they feel like they have to go. Some will say things like, “I have to read something a few times, picture what it is to be this person and then I’m going to do my best to deliver what that is. It may or may not be what the casting director wants. I have no way to know.” You’re speaking into the void in a way that you may or may not hear back and move on to the next one. You have to keep that sureness and side going so that you can go on to the next one.

It’s very important to keep in mind while you are doing this that when you get lost in believing or wishing that you have success and you become a celebrity and that stuff, you’re losing the real intention about putting yourself there and doing this specific work. I try to keep in mind the reason I’m doing this. Sometimes, I get lost, and then I have to remind myself what the real idea about this is. I want to have fun doing this. If I start suffering and it’s not fun for me anymore, I need to quickly figure out my next role and perhaps lean into psychological work. So far, it is part of keeping the balance and finding joy in that path.

Find joy every day. Good morning, Happiness. If you could pick any role to play, given that you’re so focused on developing in this acting career as well as producing your own work, what would your dream role be? Who would you love to play?

A superhero. This is one of my dreams. I am looking forward to making an audition for Marvel Studio for all those studios that are actually very focused on superheroes and these badass women. For me, of course, you don’t ever get the chance to choose what you want. Sometimes, you have to keep working because it’s part of the business. That’s why it’s important to be a producer also because you have more control over what you want and the character you want to play or because you want to tell the story, share the story in the way you want.

[bctt tweet=”By becoming a producer, you have more control over the characters you want to play and share stories in the way you want.” via=”no”]

When you are playing a character, at the end, the editors or the director, if they want to cut the part you thought was amazing, you don’t have control. Even though I have those roles very clear in my mind, and I’m pretty sure that the opportunity is coming, I want to create my own projects in the meantime. That’s why I am finalizing this treatment and I’ll be producing it.

Tell me more about this project that you’re producing.

It’s based on a true story. It’s a woman. I’m not very sure if I want to be the lead or the producer in this story because I know how hard it is to do both at the same time. I know this story needs to be shared and put into the world. This is the story of a woman willing to risk everything to accomplish that dream. This is a teaser. So many things happen in her life, and then she realizes what exactly the most important thing is. It’s what we’ve been talking about. Be connected to the life purpose.

This sounds like another work of drama as opposed to something in the comedic role. Is there a specific genre in which you want to spend more time producing work, be it drama, comedy, or even documentary?

Come on. Good Morning Happiness is using laughter therapy as a co-helper. For me, comedy was my medicine. Humor, it is still my medicine. Laughter is part of what I need in my life. Even though I’ll be working on dramatic roles and sharing real stories or not, I need comedy in my life. Those are the projects where I want to put all my efforts.

With your dream of being in a superhero role, often, those are fairly dramatic, but there’s always some element of comedy built in, too. Catchphrases and moments of relief that I think become iconic. Right?

That’s totally true. You can be a superhero playing in a comedy. Why not? Everything’s possible. This is art.

Look at Ant-Man. It’s one of the biggest ones now and is pure comedy. I would love for you to, in your mind, picture the Hollywood of your dreams. Perhaps it’s different than the one that you thought existed before you arrived here but describe to us what the Hollywood of your dreams. Let’s say what the future Hollywood would look like and how it’s different from now. I’d like to ask my guests if they could picture the ideal future when it comes to climate activism and things like that because it can be so dreary and daunting sometimes when we get bad news after bad news about climate change. I figured I’d adapt that a little bit for Hollywood.

Thank you for asking that. It is happening because I can see that inclusion, for sure. Inclusion means no rejection because you have an accent or because of your ethnicity or physical limitations. Inclusion, this is the world that I want to bring. Inclusion, 360 degrees.

That is all we need, that everybody can be part of this business no matter what. No more excuses. That is the Hollywood that we need as a community, as a family, living in this world, not separation because we are different and all need each other. We are part of this world and it is our house and we need to take care of the world and each other. I know this is a wish. I’m dreaming,

We can move forward for positive change. I know that the SAG strike went on for far longer than I thought it would, so many roles and jobs stopped in the dust for a while. I think we’re presently still in the void of content. A lot of content that would’ve been produced had to be halted for some time. Another dream I add to this story is one in which all of our creative talents are respected and people are paid fairly with fair labor practices.

Too often, it seems, the interest of the big studios come before the interests of the actors and the writers and everyone creative behind the scenes that brings these intricate human stories to life, whether they be comedies or dramas. I hope that we’re through some of that. I fear that AI and advances in technology will continue to bring this back into focus from time to time. I hope the worst of it is over. I don’t know if you have a personal perspective on that, but if you do, I’d love to hear it.

The strike was for a very important reason and it’s very subjective. I know people are against it, too. You wanted to strike and people are judging without understanding the meaning of what we are asking, respect, consideration, and being paid because we deserve it. All the people in the studios are selfish. How you can take advantage and say, “We can give you this. If you don’t accept this, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to do it anyway.”

There is no respect and consideration for the job and all the efforts. I have so much empathy for my community, our actors and everybody here, investing so much time and money because we have this dream and cannot consider our life without expressing it. It’s a need that we have. Plus, they need us, too. We need each other. My perspective is that we need an agreement and we need to work towards our interests. We all need each other’s empathy. It’s important to specifically work in those emotions and feelings blocked because we are in this program.

When I mentioned my program, Good Morning Happiness, one of the things that I am very focused on is the fact that we need to update the software of our minds. I believe we are working in this whole matrix where we are robots, doing things by repetition. No one is actually stopping and reflecting about what are the consequence of what you are doing. You are the head of a big studio, everything. You have that power as a government and are talking about it in general.

Whatever you are doing, it affects so many people in many ways. Empathy is something that I cannot see often, and we need to work and put so much love into it. I know it’s hard, but I’ve been training myself for that. Every time a person is in that position, I’m trying to send love, even though I hate that person. I’m trying to put the right frequency against that bad frequency because that is what the world and human being need. I feel compassion for those people because, in life, everything can turn against you. It’s challenging because you are feeling other emotions, but then I have to channel that and put that love in those people so they can reflect and that love can affect their decisions positively.

The psychology of that is very well founded because the more you express gratitude, the more you express love, the happier you can become. There’s so much truth to that Beatles song, Love Is All You Need. I think we need to remember that. Given that this show is an invitation to care more about specific issues to create a better world, I invite my audience to think about what it’s like to be involved in so long of a strike.

You’re fighting to keep the small royalties from a streaming film so that you can continue to do the work that is important to the inner workings of the entire entertainment industry. Whether that be writing for a show or acting in it or producing, or even being someone who is delivering coffee and lunches to everybody working on a set. You’re involved in the production and that show continues to earn the studio money. They should also be paying the people who are involved in it. That’s what the whole thing was about.

I think you pointing out that it’s important to have compassion and even when you’re going up against those studio execs, to try and give a little love back, perhaps even in the feedback that you provide. I understand you’re under a lot of pressure to turn profits for the studio in a publicly traded company, but we also matter and here’s how you making these choices affects the 150 people who worked on this single episode of a show. I’m sure there are more than 150 people who worked on Griselda. I watched the film. There was a big cast, but what else?

Yeah, it was huge.

It was filmed in Miami, too, right on the spot, correct?


Where was it filmed?

Long Beach. Part of it, but it was mostly in here. Very small part.

I felt transported to Miami. I assumed it was filmed there. It goes to show, the perception. They did a very good job making it feel like it was Miami.

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say that. That’s our little secret.

Hollywood secret. Thank you so much for joining me. As we prepare to wrap, I like to offer all of my guests the opportunity to share either a closing thought or if there was a question that I haven’t asked that you wish I had, you could ask and answer it.

I think you covered everything. You’re so good. Amazing.

It has been fun and getting to know you while having had the opportunity to watch Griselda, too, it’s been such a joy. Thank you so much for joining me. I hope that all of my audience will go and watch Griselda, which is available on Netflix. Keep it in that number one spot for a little while.

I have my Instagram and all my social media accounts.

We have, of course, the Good Morning Happiness and then also your personal, which is @AuroraCossio. Thank you so much for joining me.

Thanks to you. It was a very clear and deep conversation. Thank you so much for inviting me. I hope to see you in the next time and I had fun. Thank you. You ask the right questions. Thank you for that. That gave me so much joy.

It’s my pleasure. Thank you.

Thank you. Send you some love.

While this may have been a small departure from the typical show I host, I’m sure you see the themes that go throughout, too. There is a social impact to elevating the voices of women from different cultures around the globe and getting them into this central main media stage so that more people can see people like them on the screen. It helps to elevate our own mindset about the things that we can achieve on a global scale. I’m sure we’ll see much more of Aurora in the years to come.

If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe. While you’re at it, please leave us a five-star review. Give us a thumbs up and leave a comment, whatever it is that you can do to engage on that platform. Each of these things will help us to reach more people so that we can create more good. I like to close the show the same way every time, with a little twist, so I’ll do the same in this episode. Thank you now and always for being a part of this show and this community because together, we can do so much more. We can care more and we can be better. We can even build a more connected, egalitarian society that celebrates diverse voices and international voices like that of Aurora Cossio each and every day. Thank you.


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