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Why We Need To Support Female-Owned Businesses With Sarah Dusek Of Enygma Ventures

How are we to address the blatant inequality during our time? One of the things we can do is to support female-owned businesses. Corinna Bellizzi’s guest in this episode is ...Sarah Dusek, the founder of Enygma Ventures. Sarah laments that only 2% out of 100% of all the venture capital funding goes to women-led businesses in the US. As women, it’s our duty to champion one another. Do you want to know how you can help balance the scale? If you say “YES,” you’d love to tune in this episode. Enjoy!

About Guest
Sarah Dusek is a venture capitalist and co-founder of Enygma Ventures, a venture capital fund. She invests in women-led businesses in Southern Africa, creates solutions to wealth disparity, and provides access to capital for women. In 2017, after successfully selling her company, Under Canvas, for more than $100 million, Sarah launched Enygma Ventures.

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Show Notes:
00:11:43: Traditional VCs vs. Enygma Ventures
00:16:53: Funding Statistics For Female-Led Business In The US
00:26:56: We Need Collaboration With All People
00:32:45: Connecting Different Companies
00:37:40: What Makes A Great Investor
00:46:23: Money Is A Byproduct Of Doing Something Great

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