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From Flood To Feast: How Regenerative Organic Farming Yields More Crop Per Drop @LotusFoodsInc

Every culture has a different use of rice and how to grow it. Some farm practices harm our environment by damaging the soil through massive disturbances. In this episode, Caryl ...Levine and Ken Lee, Authors of Rice Is Life and Co-founders and Co-CEOs of Lotus Foods, explain that the future of food lies in the practice of regenerative agriculture. Minimizing the physical disturbance of soil keeps a huge amount of carbon dioxide from releasing into the atmosphere. This practice of building organic matter on the soil not only helps mitigate climate change effects but also creates a resilient environment where plants thrive, resulting in more productive yields. Tune in to this conversation and learn more from Caryl and Ken as they share more insights about the future of food and regenerative agriculture.

Key takeaways from the episode:
· How rice is grown using less water
· Benefits of regenerative farming
· Practical steps to try regenerative farming
· Why Rice Is Life
· The movement to fight climate change through changing methods in agriculture

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